10 tips

for parents of babies

Do not let them cry

Babies are in need of help around the clock. They should always feel that they are not alone. If they remain helpless, their stress level rises extremely and enduringly.

Distinguish between noises

It is not necessary to take babies into your arms with every noise they make. Babbling, light whining or restless movements are no cause for concern but signify normal sleeping behaviour.

Care for a calm daily routine

Babies relive and process the experiences of a day in their dreams. In case of strong nocturnal restlessness, you can also try to organize the day in a way that it gets a little quieter.

Find the right riming

Be attentive to the physical signs of your baby. If it rubs its eyes, for example, you should quickly bring it to bed. If it stays awake, it may turn into a little whirlwind again.

Care for rituals

Habits provide security and let your baby come to rest. Reading aloud, singing, cuddling, massaging - everything that is pleasant may be part of the hour before falling asleep, which should always take place the same way.

Stick to fixed times

Regularity with respect to eating and sleeping times helps a baby to develop and automatise a rhythm. It thereby learns to distinguish between phases of rest and activity.

Provide a cuddling partner

Give your baby a cuddly toy only for the night. A toy that does not spend the whole day with him or her but that always waits in bed and thus initiates the sleep process every evening.

Optimize the environment

Just like it applies to adults, a good sleeping environment for babies is always dark, quiet and not too warm (about 18°C).

Weaning step by step

If the baby only falls asleep while breastfeeding, you can wean it slowly. First, hold it on your arm to fall asleep. After a few days just sit next to the bed. Then sit a little further away in the room. Finally, leave the room before the baby falls asleep.

Ask for help

Midwives or paediatricians can give you good advice about sleep problems of your offspring. They have a lot of experience and can assist also in difficult cases.