Brooding chair

Brooding chair - Short description to read

A common reason for sleep disorders are unresolved problems that are taken to bed in the evening. Especially if you are not really tired but you want to sleep, the carrousel of thoughts starts to around in circles quickly. This can be very gruelling. The brooding chair - also called the thought armchair - can help you.

How exactly does it work?

  • Find an armchair or chair within the walls of your home. Rename it into the “brooding chair”.
  • From now on you will only brood in this place (as problem-solving as possible, not full of worries).
  • Important: The brooding chair may only be visited for reflection. Therefore it should not be your favourite place.
  • You can prepare a notepad for using it on the brooding chair. Notes are allowed and can help.
  • If you have thought enough, leave your thoughts and the notepad on the brooding chair and pursue other things.
  • If you find yourself thinking about something a little later again, go back to the brooding chair immediately.
  • If you are rarely at home, you can also look for a brooding chair at work.
  • Just before going to bed you should visit the brooding chair one last time. Let the day pass in review and note down, if applicable, your goals for tomorrow (always positive).
  • Afterwards you can go to sleep calmly.
  • If you should start brooding once again in bed, please immediately look for your brooding chair because do not forget: Only there is the place to brood!
  • Even if it is hard - the same applies at night: With the first brooding get out of bed and go to the brooding chair. Make sure that the apartment is as dark as possible.

Other methods that help you to think less in the evenings and at night are the catastrophe scale, the countdown method or the thoughr drawer. Try it out and let us know if we could help you.

Yours Dr. Fabian Krapf, letsleep expert